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Discipline of Pediatrics holds the 2nd Round of Teaching Activities of Clinical Practice for Overseas Students

Updated: Oct 9, 2019
From: Department of Neonatology
Edited by: Liu Huiting

Recently, Discipline of Pediatrics of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) held the 2nd Round of Teaching Activities of Clinical Practice for Overseas Students within the hospital, which brought Standardized Patient (SP) into the teaching ward round and yielded excellent effect.

To resolve the influence of language barrier between oversea students and parents of the affected children upon the teaching effect, the role of SP was introduced into this round of teaching activities. Teachers played the role of family members of the affected children, which not only improved the medical history collection capability and doctor-patient communication ability of overseas students intern physicians, but also contributed to the assessment of inquiry skills and diagnostic ability of diseases of the intern physicians.

During the teaching activities, Professor Zhou Xihui led all overseas students to deliver teaching ward round from the perspectives of medical history collection, physical examination, case report and discussion,etc. As an SP, Zhang Wei, teacher from Discipline of Pediatrics played the role of mother of a child diagnosed with febrile seizure. Through these teaching activities, intern physicians mastered the characteristics of pediatric medical history collection, experienced the skills and charm of pediatric physical examination, successfully completed the collection of case information and showcased excellence in interpersonal communication and humane care. Lastly, Professor Zhou Xihui made a summary and delivered test and feedback regarding the knowledge points of teaching ward round viaRain Course. All overseas students intern physicians expressed that they learned valuable knowledge from this round of teaching activities and hoped that this kind of activities could offer persistent benefits to more intern physicians.


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