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              Introduction of International Treatment Department-VIP Clinic

The International Treatment Department/VIP Clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University is in south-west on the 5th floor of the Outpatient Building. The overall environment of the outpatient area is clean, comfortable and convenient with well-equipped facilities. Special information desk for service guiding has been set and medical guider has been arranged to serve the patient. Well-known experts specialized in cardiovascular disease, endocrine disease, nerve disease, respiratory disease, mental disease, children disease, urinary system disease, and gynecologic and obstetric disease are working here to satisfy the demand of people from different levels on professional medical and health service as well as on health protection.

1. Address:International Treatment Departmentin the south-west on the 5th floor of the Outpatient Building.

2. Service time: Monday to Friday (excluding national legal holidays)

3. Special departments: cardiovascular disease department,endocrinology department, digestive system department, pediatric department, gynecology and obstetrics department, urinary surgery, neurology department, respiratory department and mental health nursing department.

4. Charge standard: RMB 300 one time; RMB 150 one time.

Note: The services of the International Treatment Department/VIP Clinicare all self-paying services.

5. Experts schedule: subject to the latest release on the website and the schedule arrangement of the day.

6. Consulting telephone: 029-85324767 (Monday to Friday)

7. Visiting ways of the patients:

(1) Making an appointment on internet.

1. Making an appointment through We-Chat: following on We-Chat “Service platform for patients of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University”.

2. Scanning the “two-dimension code” to make an appointment through Alipay.

3. Making an appointment on website: logging in on to make an appointment.

(2) Making an appointment on phone

1.Telephone platform for booking: 114, 116114, 12580

2. Hospital telephone for booking: 029-85324766

(3) Making an appointment on site: the International Treatment Department in south-west on the 5th floor of Outpatient Building.

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