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The development history of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University (the “Hospital”) is interconnected with the development and fate of the country and nation. In 1937, when the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression broke out, some teachers and students of the Peking University Health Science Center moved westward to establish the Xi’an Provisional University Health Science Center. The Affiliated Hospital was thus born, carrying forward the spirit as China’s earliest state-run higher education institution of western medicine. In 1956, the Affiliated Hospital was split into two. The one relocated to the present premises was named the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical University. Thanks to decades of unremitting efforts, the Hospital has developed into a large grade III level A hospital administrated by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (“NHFPC”), integrating the functions of medical treatment, education, scientific research, rehabilitation and prevention & healthcare. It is one of the first grade III level A hospitals in China and the first hospital in Shaanxi Province, one of China’s first Top 100 Hospitals in China, one of NHFPC International Emergency Assistance Center’s network hospitals, Shaanxi Province’s medical center for overseas patients, Shaanxi Province’s health and emergency rescue center and health care base, a provincial designated medical institution under the new rural cooperative medical system (NCMS) and a provincial and municipal designated site of medical insurance for working and non-working urban residents and of commercial medical insurance. Since its foundation, the Hospital has been exercising its medical treatment, education and scientific research functions with superb medical technologies, rigorous scholarship, factualistic scientific research style and premium service quality. As a result, all of its businesses are under continuous improvement and development. Covering a land area of 148,000 m2and floor area of 205,000 m2, the Hospital can accommodate 2,560 beds for patients. It is equipped with perfect medical facilities and advanced equipments. It maintains its leadership in terms of medical technology and service level in northwestern China.

The Hospital currently has a workforce of 4,741, including 559 on-post professionals with senior titles. Among all the employees, there are 2 double-employed academicians, 5 winners of National Talent Program, 2 “Outstanding Youths”, 1 “Excellent Youth”, 1 MOE Innovative Team of Ministry of Education, 1 first-tier and second-tier candidate of “Millions of Talent Projects” of the Ministry of Education, and 7 Provincial- or Ministerial-level Experts with Outstanding Contributions.

A complete set of disciplines are available in the Hospital. Specifically, there are 55 medical departments and laboratories in total, including 44 medical departments and 11 medical laboratories. The Hospital’s Urology Department (incl. the Kidney Transplantation Department) is listed as the Ministry of Education’s National Key Discipline, and the Dermatology Department is listed as the Ministry of Education’s National Key Cultivation Discipline. A total of 14 departments including the Obstetrics Department, Department of Critical Care Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine Department, Department of General Surgery, Urology Department, Pneumology Department, Nephrology Department, Oncology Department, Medical Imaging Department, Department of Infectious Diseases, Orthopedics Department, Clinical Laboratory, Organ Transplantation Department and Geriatrics Department are listed as the National Key Clinical Specialties. The Geriatrics Department of Internal Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine is listed as the Key Cultivation Medical Specialty of the “12thFive-Year Plan” published by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China. There are 5 Provincial Key Disciplines, 7 Provincial Preponderant Disciplines, 12 Medical Service Quality Control Centers in Shaanxi Province and 28 Disciplines of National Clinical Drug Trial Institutions.

The Hospital puts the accent on the development of medical specialties, shaping distinct features in the application of such advanced technologies as liver transplantation, kidney transplantation, hemopoietic stem cell transplantation, coronary artery bypass surgery, CHD intervention and minimally invasive surgery as well as in the medical and surgical interventions of such complicated diseases as tumor, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and metabolic diseases. The overall treatment level of incurable critical diseases and the disease difficulty index are in the forefront of the nation. The examples include the first case of abdominal pregnancy baby in China, first case of test-tube baby in northwestern China, first case of co-transplantation of unrelated mesenchymal stem cells combined with hemopoietic stem cells in northwestern China and the first case of transurethral green laser enucleation of prostate at home and abroad. The Hospital was granted 15 new technology awards at university level and 112 new medical technology projects were approved in 2016. It completed more than 300 Da Vinci surgical robot-assisted surgeries in the same year. The first surgery of forearm ear reconstruction in China was successfully completed in the Hospital on November 8. The Hospital is a national leading and demonstration unit of DCD organ transplantation, holding the lead in western China and even the whole country in the technical level and quantity of liver and kidney transplantations in particular. Its healthcare quality system has passed the ISO9000 certification. It is also one of the national demonstration units of high-quality healthcare service program and the attached institution of Shaanxi Healthcare Quality Control Center, operating 78 healthcare units and employing 2,097 on-post nurses. Employing a flat responsibility system and holistic nursing model for patient management, the Hospital strives to provide patients with whole-course, continuous and seamless nursing service. In 2016, the Hospital received 2.41 million outpatient and emergency visits, had 118,000 patients discharged and completed 65,000 operations. The average length of stay was 8.38d. At the beginning of 2017, it successively completed the internationally advanced Da Vinci surgical robot-assisted surgery of genital tract reconstruction via small intestine transplantation and the first patented surgery of fenestration in situ in western China.

As a master station, doctor station and also postdoctoral research station in the first-level disciplines of clinical medicine in China, the Hospital undertakes the teaching tasks for five-year, seven-year and eight-year medical students and hundreds of overseas students. It is one of the first units that provide education for overseas students and eight-year PBL medical teaching. Furthermore, its Clinical Skills Teaching Center is a “national-level experiment teaching demonstration center”. The Hospital is a “demonstration base for graduate co-cultivation” appointed by the Ministry of Education of Shaanxi Provincial Government, and its Regenerative Medicine and Surgery Center is a demonstration pilot of innovative talent training and also one of the “first national-level standardized training bases for resident doctors” in Shaanxi Province. At present, the Hospital has 109 doctoral supervisors, 251 master supervisors, 809 medical undergraduates and 534 graduates as well as 2 national-level excellent courses and 1 provincial (ministerial)-level excellent course. So far, the Hospital has obtained 1 national-level education reform program and 9 school-level education reform programs. It has edited 9 textbooks, assisted in the edition of 3 textbooks and participated in the edition of 10 textbooks. In recent years, the Hospital has won the excellence award (2010), the 3rdprize (2012) and the 2ndprize (2013) of the Final Competition, the 1stprize of the Northwest and Southwest Zone Competition, the 2ndprize of the Final Competition and top 10 nationwide (2015) of National Medical College Student Clinical Skill Competition. It won the 2ndprize of the 3rdBasic Teaching Skills Competition of Young Teachers, 3 provincial- or ministerial-level teaching achievement awards and 1 Xi’an Jiaotong University special award of teaching achievements. It won the bidding for 2 excellent online courses of Chinese MOOC Alliance for Medical Education, 35 national continuing medical education projects and 44 provincial continuing medical education projects in 2016. The Hospital’s core journals include theChinese Journal of Woman and Child Health Researchand theJournal of Modern Urology Magazine, the latter of which won the award of Chinese Outstanding College and University Journal of Science and Technology and Shaanxi Outstanding College and University Journal of Science and Technology in 2016.

The Hospital has competent full-time researchers and a well-equipped scientific research platform. It operates 1 MOE Key Laboratory, 2 Shaanxi Key Laboratories, 5 Shaanxi Clinical Research Centers and 4 branch centers, 2 Shaanxi Engineering Research Centers and 11 Medical Institutes of Xi’an Jiaotong University. It won the bidding for 651 scientific research programs with a total funding of over RMB 160 million in the past five years. The Hospital has won a series of awards listed below: 3 State Science and Technology Awards (as a participant in 1 award), 3 973 projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 3 key research and development projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology (1 research project and 2 research subjects), 1 instrumentation special fund project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 science and technology project of public wellbeing initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2 NHFPC key clinical discipline projects, 234 programs of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 10 Shaanxi science and technology integrated innovation projects, 2 Shaanxi innovation team projects and 4 Shaanxi science and technology new star projects. It has published 1,738 SCI-indexed articles with the maximum impact factor of 28.054. Moreover, it has been granted 1 MOE Technological Invention Award, 31 Shaanxi Science and Technology Awards and 38 national invention patents. Furthermore, 38 employees are acting as vice chairmen and 94 as standing members of national specialty academies, and 82 are serving as vice chairmen or above of provincial academies.

The Hospital is brave in exploring new ways of large public hospital reform and active implementing the quality resource distribution. It has fostered a medical consortium of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University in Yanta District to undertake hierarchical diagnosis and treatment pilot work in cooperation with 4 secondary hospitals and 12 community health service centers in the District. Besides, it is the first in China to initiate the “medical consortium+ general practitioner” urban hierarchical diagnosis and treatment pattern. Meanwhile, according to the strategic layout of “2 hospitals + 2 districts + 4 branches”, the Hospital manages the Bin County Hospital and Hancheng Hospital in Shaanxi under a trusteeship arrangement. The International Land Port Hospital Project is under construction and the Xingshan Temple district and South hospital district are expected to open in 2017. It has established strategic partnership with Chang’an District Hospital and started the communication with Yan’an New District Hospital over pre-opening preparations. Apart from that, the Hospital is an active player in the aid programs for Sudan, Xinjiang and Tibet and provides targeted aids for Danfeng County Hospital, Luonan County Hospital, Shanyang County Hospital and Chang’an District Hospital. It aids Pingli County in Ankang City and Shidian County in Yunnan Province as a part of the fixed-point poverty alleviation program. It has established partnership with more than 140 hospitals inside and outside the province, shaping the radiative pattern of high-quality medical resource distribution.

In 2010 and 2015, the Hospital passed the hospital review of Shaanxi Province with the highest score in Shaanxi Province. In recent years, it won the titles of “Favorite Grade III Level A Hospital”, “Worker Pioneer” in the Earthquake Relief and Home Rebuilding Project awarded by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and the only advanced group of “National Urban and Rural Hospital Partner Assistance” in Shaanxi. In 2015, it was honored the “Best Management Team” of Chinese Hospitals, NHFPC “Service Improvement Innovative Hospital” and “Innovative Service Demonstration Hospital” of NHFPC Medical Service Improvement Action Plan. In 2016, it was nominated the candidate for Model Unit of the 14thNational Workers’ Professional Ethics Construction Program, granted the title of “Unit with Special Contributions to Civilized City Construction” by Xi’an Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and honored as the Advanced Unit of Xi’an Jiaotong University. The Kidney Transplantation Department, Hepatological Surgery Department, Department of Critical Care Medicine and Department of Pharmacy were honored as national “Youth Model Units” by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League. Several medical staff members were granted such titles as the national and Shaanxi provincial Advanced Individual of Health Service System, May 1stLabor Medal, Readers’ Favorite Health Guardian, Bethune Spirit Award, Outstanding Nurse, Heroine, Model of Making Contributions, Outstanding Cadre and Talent in Aid Xinjiang Program, Shaanxi Province Outstanding Volunteer and Advanced Individual of Imparting Knowledge and Educating People of Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Adhering to the motto of “virtuous, philanthropic, professional and excellent”, the Hospital is committed to driving the development of the human health undertakings and protecting the people’s health and strives for the world-class affiliated hospital of university and the State’s regional medical center.

Address: 277 West Yanta Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

Postal Code: 710061

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(Updated: October 2017)

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