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Refresh moments of class-break exercises for international students

Updated: Jan 9, 2019
From: Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Indulged in the primitive melodies, international students are highly engaged themselves in exercising the postures of the standing set of Eight-section Brocade by strictly following the instructions of “To regulate your spleen and stomach, you should raise one hand, hold up and then put it down” and movements demonstrated by the teacher. This interesting event is staging in the corridor of the ward area in Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine was relocated to the Daxingshan Temple Division, all staff made tremendous efforts to provide a caring, comfortable and satisfactory medical environment for the patients. At 7: 45 a.m. and 15: 30 p.m. daily, they would lead the patients to exercise Eight-section Brocade, one of the most common and treasurable forms of Chinese Qigong. It is simple and time-saving to learn and exercise the postures without additional equipment, which is widely recognized and accepted by patients due to its significant effect upon improving health. Besides the hospitalized patients, international students in the ward area were also deeply attracted by the fascinating exercise. After a brief discussion, a temporary decision was made that a designated teacher was assigned to lead the international students to exercise the Eight-section Brocade during the class break. This is how the fascinating scene stages at the beginning of the story. These students have never exercised the Eight-section Brocade before. Their movements were slightly clumsy and their postures were not that standard. However, after a full standing set of the Eight-section Brocade, they could not wait to express their wonderful feelings and spare no efforts to keep exercising the Eight-section Brocade by following the teacher.

Traditional Chinese medicine, as a traditional medicine born in China, has played an essential role in maintaining human health. In recent years, it has frequently gone global and has made astonishing achievements across the world. The Department of Education has set up a course of "Traditional Chinese Medicine" for the international students. Teachers from the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine actively cooperated with their colleagues from Department of Education and strived to overcome multiples difficulties, such as staff shortage and heavy teaching burden, and spared no efforts to impart the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine to international students.

For a majority of international students, it is an extremely challenging task to understand the course of "Traditional Chinese Medicine". Several of them expressed negative even antagonistic attitudes towards this confusing and sophisticated course. The exercise demonstration of Eight-section Brocade led by the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which unites teaching with practice, enormously stimulates their interests and enthusiasms for the course. Subsequently, the staff from Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine will further explore and apply novel methods in the teaching practice for international students, aiming to enable them to better understand, feel and stay passionate for the essence of this ancient field and promote the traditional Chinese medicine to go global.

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