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Department of Infectious Diseases launches ward round teaching for international students

Updated: Jan 4, 2019
From: Department of Infectious Diseases
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The ward round teaching for international students was successfully delivered by Department of Infectious Diseases on December 28, 2018. The teaching activities were presided over by Professor Liu Zhengwen and He Yingli in English throughout the course. Over 40 international students from the countries along the Silk Road and Chinese interns participated in the ward round teaching in English.

Director Zhao Yingren, Deputy Director Ye Feng, and Yang Yuan, teaching secretary of the department also attended the ward round. Li Yan, Deputy Director of Teaching Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Zhang Hua, director assistant of School of International Education of Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Zhao Anping, chief teaching supervisor were involved in the entire ward round.

After full communication between professors and students, case selection, doctor-patient communication, physical examinations and preparation of reporting materials, Professor Liu Zhengwen led the team to start the ward round. The international students and Chinese interns inquired and reported the current medical history, family history, past medical history, epidemiological history of the patients and conducted physical examinations. After that, Professor Liu Zhengwen immediately delivered bedside comments and guidance on the medical history report and physical examinations conducted by relevant students, and then answered the questions proposed by several international students. Professor He Yingli proposed a series of questions regarding how to record the blood pressure, make an early diagnosis and take effective interventions for hemorrhagic fever patients. All the international students delivered an extensive discussion and subsequently Dr. Liu Jinfeng interpreted and illustrated the highlights during the discussion.

Professor Liu Zhengwen concluded that the international students are active in thinking, have a wide range of interests and prefer the mode of interactive teaching. Consequently, relevant teachers should emphasize the selection of clinical teaching methods and strengthen the teaching of physical examinations to enable the international students to gain more experiences and achieve personal growth during the internship in our hospital.

After the ward round activities, Director Zhao Yingren stressed that this event not only elevates the teaching quality for international students, but also improve the teaching capability of clinicians in English, adding that the ward round activities for international students held by Department of Infectious Diseases is a pathway to enhance the discipline ranking. He also encouraged other treatment groups with eligible conditions to shift the teaching of international students. He warmly welcomed international students with ambition and capability to complete their master's and doctor's programs in Department of Infectious Diseases of our hospital.

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