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Department of Psychiatry

Updated: Jan 31, 2019
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The Psychological Counselling Clinic is one of the first batch of psychological medicine clinics in China, which is the origin of Department of Psychiatry in the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University. After rapid growth for decades, the disciplinary construction and development have been steadily stabilized and mature. So far, outpatient, inpatient wards, psychometric room, psychological counselling and therapy room, sleep detection room, functional therapy room, behavior laboratory have been established. Currently, it has been granted as the conferring institution for the Doctor's and Master's degree in Psychiatry and Psychology, the chairman affiliation of Shaanxi Province Medical Association Psychiatry Branch and Shaanxi Mental Health Association, Clinical Research Center for Mental Diseases of Shaanxi Province, the first batch of National Institution of Clinical Trial on New Drug, the mental health training facility of the “Western Talent Training Program” of National Health Commission and National Standardized Training Center for Resident Physicians.

Currently, Department of Psychiatry employs a total of 54 medical staff, 7 incumbent professors and associate professors, 5 guest professors and 2 part-time professors. It is equipped with two ward areas in open-management pattern available for patients diagnosed with various mental disorders. In recent years, the number of outpatients and inpatients has been persistently on the rise, with roughly 100 thousands outpatients and 1,800 inpatients in 2018.

Department of Psychiatry emphasizes on talent cultivation. Currently, the staff in the department are undertaking the teaching tasks, such as psychiatry and medical psychology, for the five-year undergraduates, seven-year postgraduates and eight-year doctoral students. Two doctoral supervisors and four master supervisors have cultivated more than 20 graduate students. Additionally, more than 100 qualified psychiatrists have been trained for the basic medical institutions in Shaanxi Province and mental health institutions in Xinjiang.

Department of Psychiatry equally attaches importance to improving the quality of nursing care. Holistic nursing care and quality nursing care have been implemented since 2002 and 2012, respectively. Holistic nursing care has been certified by the ISO standards. Various forms of health education have been developed to improve the quality of nursing care, including designing and distributing health education brochures, establishing a patient information library and conducting phone follow-up, providing guidance to the discharged patients, and setting up a series of safety and security regulations to ensure the safety of both patients and medical staff.

Department of Psychiatry has been actively engaged in scientific collaboration with psychiatrists at both home and abroad and has achieved tremendous achievements, such as undertaking multiple scientific projects including international cooperation projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China, research projects at the provincial and ministerial levels, winning three provincial or municipal awards for scientific research, publishing over 150 papers including more than 30 papers published in SCI-indexed journals, undertaking more than 60 clinical research trials on new drugs and publishing over 30 textbooks and monograph. Besides, multiple psychiatrists are holding posts in the national and provincial academic institutions. Professor Gao Chengge has won the National Excellent Psychiatrist Award, "Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker in the Field of Mental Health in China" and "Outstanding Contribution Award for Mental Health Work".

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