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Department of Hematology

Updated: Feb 22, 2019
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The Department of Hematology was founded in 1964. The first master degree program began in 1980 and doctoral degree program began in 1997. It has developed to be a superior medical discipline of Shaanxi Province, quality control center of diagnosis and treatment of blood disease in Shaanxi Province, designated unit of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and unrelated hematopoietic stem cell collection hospital by the Ministry of Health, and national drug clinical trial institution. Today it is one of the top and first-class departments in the Northwest of China.

The Department includes leukemia wards, lymphoma & myeloma wards and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation wards. It is equipped with 108 beds including 9 laminar flow beds, 7 laboratories, 4 blood cell separator machines and 1 flow cytometer. Currently, 25 physicians, 53 nurses and 7 technicians working at the Department, including 5 professors/chief physicians, 6 associate professors/deputy chief physicians, 3 doctoral tutors, 4 master tutors, 11 physicians with doctoral degree and 14 physicians with master degree. The Department handles more than 30,000 outpatients and admits more than 3,000 inpatients annually.

Our Service Features

·Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and immunotherapy

The Department can carry out all kinds of stem cell transplantation, including haploidentical stem cell transplantation, umbilical cord blood transplantation, non-myeloablative peripheral blood hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, mixed bone marrow transplantation, and autologous stem cell transplantation for hematological diseases, solid tumors and autoimmune diseases. It performs more than 50 stem cell transplants annually. The Department uses leading-edge research to advance hematopoietic stem cell transplant methods with a reputation for outstanding transplant outcomes for the past two decades. The Department can also manage all kinds of immunotherapy and build upon successful CAR T cell treatment platforms for hematologic cancers, an area that has been making headlines recently with new FDA approvals of ET190L1-ARTEMIS™Tclinical trials.

·Comprehensive treatment of multiple myeloma

Based on the traditional chemotherapy for myeloma, the Department designs modified VCMP regimen and develops a myeloma-specific tumor vaccine which won second prize of Shaanxi Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

·Leukemia induced differentiation and apoptosis treatment

Combining differentiation-inducing agents, such as arsenic oxide, arsenic sulfide and retinoid with chemotherapy to induce differentiation therapy, the Department carries out clinical and related scientific researches, which won the second prize of Shaanxi Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

·Comprehensive treatment of hemophilia

The Department develops comprehensive treatment for hemophilia, which is now known as the Northwest Hemophilia Treatment Center of World Hemophilia Alliance, Shaanxi Hemophilia Diagnosis and Treatment Center and Information Management Center of Shaanxi Hemophilia Case.

The Department has closely collaborated with many institutions at home and abroad including Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto, City of Hope, Eureka Therapeutics and other famous cancer foundations and institutions in cancer prevention and control. In recent years, the Department has sent more senior experts to study in these institutions and carried out clinical trials. The Department has won 4 scientific and technological progress awards from Shaanxi Provincial Government, 3 scientific and technological progress awards in Xi'an, 8 National Natural Science projects and 3 key projects of Shaanxi Province Research Foundation and many other scientific and technological projects, and published more than 300 academic papers, including more than 30 SCI papers.

Under the leadership of the directors of the Hospital and Department, the members of the Department will unite and work as one team to practice, explore, and develop innovative clinical and scientific research work. The Department of Hematology aspires to become one of the national best departments of hematology utilizing a multidisciplinary approach by providing high-quality patient care, excellent education, and innovative scientific research.

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