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Department of Peripheral Vessel

Updated: Dec 3, 2018
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Established in 2006, Department of Peripheral Vessel of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University has been a multi-disciplinary department focusing on clinical medicine, field based education and primary research. Led by prominent experts, Liu Yamin and Tian Hongyan, in the field of cardiovascular intervention, a group of young and professional doctors and scholars work collectively to make the department the most well-known medical team in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral vascular diseases in northwest China. To date, the department has been honored by the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China as the training base in multiple areas, including peripheral vascular intervention, stroke screening and prevention, carotid artery stent implantation technology, national clinical research on drugs, programs for doctoral degree, as well as national thrombosis prevention and treatment demonstration, which occurs to be the first one in west China. In addition, the department has participated in the compilation of four Guidelines, including The Guideline to the Prevention and Treatment of Thrombosis in China.

Following over ten years of continuous efforts, the department has specialized in minimally invasive interventional therapy and completed more than 30,000 interventional surgeries. As a forerunner in the Northwest, the department pioneered the interventional operation on diabetic foot and arteriosclerosis occlusion of lower extremity with a technical success rate of 99%. The department is the first to carry out the interventional treatment for fatal pulmonary embolism and reduced the mortality rate to 1%, which is significantly lower than the global rate of 7%-15%. Additionally, the department has been the precursor to perform interventional treatment on a diverse range of maladies surgeries, such as stent implantation for cerebrovascular stenosis, combined aortic dissection and aneurysm with Mosaic surgery, dialysis access therapy, iliac vein occlusion, and so on. Receiving unanimous praises from patients and their families, the department has achieved the lowest incidence of post-treatment complications.

Under strong leadership over the past decade, the department has made incredible progress in the field and gained prominence throughout northwest China, exerting great nationwide influence. Taking “unity, enterprising, pragmatic and dedicated” as its motto, the department strives to push forward in the area as an integrated and collective force, encouraging critical and creative thoughts as while promoting the spirit of truth-seeking through practical field work. Dedicating to medical expertise and healthcare profession, the staff in the department share the passion in solidifying professional skills and overcoming difficulties along the way with meticulous attitude and full responsibility.

Strengthening our lead in the field with open minds, the Department of Peripheral Vessel is to enter the primary tier in medical technology, service quality and team management, while wholeheartedly continuing providing high quality and efficient service to patients.

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