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Department of Disinfection and Supply

Updated: Dec 3, 2018
Edited by: Liu HT

Established in 1956, the Department of Disinfection and Supply (Hereinafter referred to as “Department”) of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University covers an area of1,080 m2and employs 68 staff, i.e. 38 nursing staff, 9 technical staff, 6 sanitation staff and 15 one-year staff, among them there are 2 staff with sub-senior title, 31 with intermediate title and 20 with junior title. On top of that, there are 2 staff with master’s degree, 26 with bachelor’s degree, 19 with junior college degree and 3 with technical secondary school degree.

The service scope of the Department includes the cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and retreatment of multiplexing clinical treatment supplies, surgical instruments, etc.; management of auxiliary materials for surgical instruments; supply of disposable cleaning and disinfected materials; supply of medical gas; and harmless treatment of blood specimen.

The Department boasts of complete infrastructure and advanced technical equipment, including the most advanced high-end full-automatic cleaning machine, high-and-low temperature sterilizer, etc., such as 9 single and multi-compartment full-automatic cleaning and disinfection machines (2 multi-compartment cleaning machines, 3 full-automatic single-compartment cleaning machines, 2 decompression boiling cleaning machines and 2 ultrasonic cleaning machines, which can be used for the cleaning and disinfection of Da Vinci surgical instruments); 8 high-and-low temperature sterilizers; 3 medical drying cabinets; water-treating equipment and equipment for electrolyzed-oxidizing water; temperature pressure detector; rapid bio-culture reader (results generated within 30 min. and 1 h); and ATP fluorescence detection equipment.

In terms of the management, this Department insists on the principle of implementing scientific, strict and standardized approach and creates systematic management documents, including 20 core management systems, 45 standardized operation procedures and 18 job responsibilities, ensuring that every work and every operation of the Department is implemented in a standardized, scientific and precise manner.

The Department adheres to the principles of “taking clinical service as the center, service the foundation and guarantee the quality” to provide high-quality and efficient supporting services for 55 medical and technical departments and 78 nursing units in the hospital. It also has the ability of processing approximately 200 surgical instruments each day, supplying 600,000 packages of high-and-low temperature disinfected articles each year, handling more than 200 million disposable items and providing nearly 1.08 million m3oxygen. In recent years, organ transplantation, magnet pressing technology, Da Vinci, etc. have come into wide use, the sophisticated and high-end instruments processed by Department are surging, including Da Vinci eyepiece, arm, 3D printing model, magnet pressing ring, rigid endoscope, and transplant equipment of cornea, heart, liver, kidney, lung, etc.

As the affiliated unit of Shaanxi Disinfection and Supply Quality Control Center, the Department is responsible for formulating hospitals’ quality standards for disinfection and supply in Shaanxi Province, carrying out on-site supervision and evaluation of Department of Disinfection and Supplys at all levels of medical institutions in 10 prefecture-level cities and more than 80 counties in Shaanxi Province, and organizing professionals training and advanced training for doctors in primary hospitals. It also undertakes the teaching task of nursing undergraduates and junior college students. In recent years, staff in the Department has published more than 60 papers, initiated and conducted 7 new technologies and scientific research projects, and won 9 national patents for utility models.

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