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Department of Critical Care Medicine

Updated: Nov 21, 2017
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Founded in 2005, the Department of Critical Care Medicine ofthe First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University had 9 open sickbeds at the very beginning, and expanded to 19 in 2007 after moving in new Inpatient Building. While undertaking the whole hospital’s rescue, care and treatment of patients with emergency and severe diseases, management of high-risk patients in perioperative period and management of the whole hospital’s ventilators’application, it also covers transfer treatment of critical patients from Shaanxi Province and the surrounding area. After critical care medicine became an independent second-class discipline in 2008, the department became the first specialty to have acquired qualification of critical care medicine in Shaanxi Province.

After development of more than 10 years, at present, the department has formed a medical care team with excellent medical techniques and nursing quality, and now it has 16 doctors and 49 nurses, including 2 chief physicians, 2 associate physicians, 2 master tutors, 5 doctors, and the Chief Professor Tang Wanchun from USWELI Institute as external professor of the department.Through unremitting efforts and development, the department obtained the first batch of national clinical key specialty construction project in 2010. It has won the titles such as Youth Civilization of Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of Chinaand Ministry of Health, National Woman Civilization Station successively. At present, it is the quality control center of Critical Care Medicine in Shaanxi Province.

At present, the department is equipped with intensive care therapy equipment which is in leading level in Northwest China and advanced domestic level, including respirators of various types, monitors, CRRT machines, ECMO, etc., leading techniques which is able to carry out care and treatment of various critical patients, including establishment of artificial airways by various means toward the critical patients, orotracheal intubation, transnasal tracheal cannulizationunder guidance of bronchofiberscope, and percutaneous tracheostomy; bronchoalveolar lavage, attraction and other therapy techniques; mechanical ventilation technique; open-lungtool; high-frequency oscillation ventilation technique;implementation of respiratory strategies toward the ARDS patients; plasma exchange, hemoperfusion, coupled plasma filtration adsorption, continuous renal replacement therapy, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) technique, etc.. It carries out various advanced monitoring techniques to instruct rescue and treatment of critical patients, including invasive hemodynamic monitoring, bedside ultrasonic application of critical diseases, plasma concentration monitoring of critical and infected patients under antibiotic therapy, blood glucose control of critical patients, enteral and parental nutrition support technique of critical patients, and microcirculation monitoring technique, etc.

The Department of Critical Care Medicinehas played an important role in public health events and first-aid work in Xinjiang, has made outstanding contributions in group mushroom poisoning event in Hanzhong in 2012 and group wasps’wounding event in 2013 successively. It has participated in rescue and treatment of critical patients in 5.22 Urumchi riot and terrorist case and Yunnan Zhaotong earthquake successively.

At present, the department has undertaken 2 projects of National Science Foundation and 4 provincial subjects, participated in more than 10 international and domestic multicenter researches, and published more than 20 SCIpapers.

Address: Floor 2 of Inpatient Building, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University

Contact number:029-85323186,029-85323615

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