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Discipline of Organ Transplantation

Updated: Dec 21, 2017
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The Discipline of Organ Transplantation is a key clinical specialty in China and the quality control center for organ transplantation in Shaanxi Province offering doctoral degree programs. The specialty of kidney transplantation is one of the national key disciplines and the key disciplines of Shaanxi Province. There are currently 121 beds, and 43 specialists who all hold doctoral degrees, including 12 professors, 6 doctoral supervisors and 9 associate professors, as well as 6 laboratory researchers, including 2 researchers or associate researchers and 4 laboratory technicians.

The Discipline of Organ Transplantation is the first in the Chinese northwest region and one of the first in China to start kidney transplantation in January 1979. The Kidney Transplantation Laboratory of Xi’an Medical University was established in 1992, the kidney transplantation specialty was earliest established in 1993 with specialist outpatient service, and the Organ Transplantation Institute of Xi’an Jiaotong University was established in 2000. It boasts a great number of various clinical encounters in treating emergent, critical or severe difficult and complicated diseases including providing comprehensive therapy to terminal or end-stage kidney and liver diseases. Some highly difficult surgeries such as liver transplantation, lung transplantation, simultaneous liver-kidney transplantation and simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation are regularly operated here. It is exerting exemplary effects on the organ transplantation in the Midwest region of China, with technical merits in organ transplantation meeting the internationally advanced and nationally leading standards.

The Discipline, known as “the cradle for organ transplantation in western China”, has cultivated 105 PhD graduates, 139 master graduates and more than 500 technological backbones for other transplantation centers, some of whom even grow to be leading figures. It has over 1,000 academic papers published on renowned journals both home and abroad, including over 230 published in SCI journals. The kidney transplantation technique and liver transplantation discipline won the 2nd Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award respectively in 2013 and 2016. It also won more than 20 provincial and ministerial level science and technology progress awards. Furthermore, it has undertaken 3 projects of the National 973 Program, 2 projects of the 11th Five-Year National Key Technology R&D Program, 4 key clinical discipline construction projects of the Ministry of Health, over 40 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 35 provincial and ministerial projects including the priority development field programs supported by doctoral program funds from the Ministry of Education and the 13115 major scientific and technological projects of Shaanxi Province. There are over 20 works that are edited and co-edited by its members. It has also held 15 international and national academic conferences and 90 national CME programs, regional academic conferences and training workshops. The Discipline is honored as a “Civilization of Chinese Youth” unit, with one member winning the National May 1st Labor Medal and two members titled as National “Advanced Workers” in Earthquake Relief. It was one of the first to be awarded as “High Quality Nursing Demonstration Ward” by the Ministry of Health in 2012.

Tel: +86-29-85323955

Outpatient Address: East District, 2/F of the East Wing, Outpatient Department

Inpatient Address: 13/F & 17/F of Inpatient Building

Laboratory Address: 14/F of Scientific Research Building

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