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Our hospital holds a farewell meeting for the eighth batch of medical experts to Malawi

Updated: Sep 27, 2020
From: Publicity Department
Edited by: Liu Huiting

On the morning of September 24, 2020, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) held a farewell meeting for the 8th group of medical experts to Malawi. President Shi Bingyin, Secretary Ma Xinge, Vice President Liu Qingguang, Deputy Secretary Feng Guanglin, three team members to Malawi and leaders of relevant administrative and clinical departments attended the meeting. The farewell meeting was presided over by Zhang Guangjian, Director of Department of Human Resources.

President Shi Bingyin hoped that three team members can keep the great trust of the motherland in mind, represent the positive images of China, Shaanxi province and the First Affiliated Hospital of XJTU, take advantage of disciplinary characteristics and advantages of our hospital, serve the Malawian people with advanced medical skills and enthusiastic attitude, showcasing the charming image of our hospital. He also reminded medical members to take good care of themselves and pay attention to personal safety. Our hospital and all departments will always provide strong support for them.

Li Xiaogang, Deputy Director of Department of Anesthesia and leader of the 8th batch of medical team to Malawi promised that he will take the responsibility of a team leader, ensure the safety of team members, inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of medical teams from Shaanxi province, utilize the hospital platform, innovate the model of medical aid and successfully complete the task of medical aid in Malawi. Tian Juan, Attending Physician of Department of Rheumatology and Immunology, expressed that she will overcome difficulties and work hard to accomplish the glorious task assigned by our hospital and country and complete the duties and missions. Zhu Huachao, Attending Physician of Department of Hematology, promised that he will apply professional knowledge and epidemic prevention knowledge to the medical activities in the recipient country, and make modest contribution to strengthening the friendship between China and Malawi.

Vice President Liu Qingguang stressed that all three team members are the backbone of respective departments, and it is a treasurable life experience to join the medical team to Malawi. He hopedall team members can take care of each other, firmly keep the four keywords in mind that "Respect, Solidarity, Conscientiousness and Safety", keep in close touch with the hospital, successfully complete the task and return home safely.

Deputy Secretary Feng Guanglin said that as the Mid-Autumn Festival approached, three team members will travel afar to Africa to implement the national mission with the sacrifice of family reunion, who deserve our respect. He hoped the team members are full of confidence, give full play to their professional skills, smoothly complete their task and return home safely.

Wang Qiang, Director of Department of Anesthesia, He Pengcheng, Director of Department of Hematology, and Lv Xiaohong from Department of Rheumatology and Immunology sent their blessings to the medical team members on behalf of relevant departments, added that the department will always provide support and resolve the difficulties of the team members, wishing all the best for the task of medical aid in Malawi and expecting them to return home early with triumph.

Secretary Ma Xinge paid tribute to their deep love for family and country, their pursuit of career and their boundless love of three team members. He hoped that the medical team can complete all the tasks assigned by the organization and implement the mission entrusted by the country, expecting everyone return home safely with triumph.

On September 26, after farewell to family members, three medical experts board a plane for Malawi to perform the 1-year mission of medical assistance.


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