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Our hospital holds a meeting with 8 members of China's 34th medical aid team to Sudan

Updated: Nov 18, 2019
Edited by: Liu Huiting

On November 12, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) held a meeting with China's 34th medical aid team to Sudan. President Shi Bingyin, Vice President Liu Qingguang, Assistant to the President She Junjun, 8 members of the medical aid team to Sudan and leaders of relevant departments attended the meeting, which was presided over by She Junjun.

First, 8 aid team members described their work, life and feelings in Sudan this year. Guo Yong, leader of the team explicitly reported relevant information of the diagnosis and treatment work in Sudan using detailed data. Besides medical aid, the medical team also provided medical services to the Chinese embassy staff in Sudan and Chinese-funded institutions, delivered emergent rescue of critically ill patients, established the Wechat group named ‘Health Consultation Group for Chinese in Sudan’, offered health education and training for Chinese-funded enterprises, served the "the Belt and Road Initiative" and ensured the health of overseas Chinese in Sudan. Li Xiaoquan, Secretary of Department of Neonatology, served as the division leader. Li Xiaoquan uplifted the heaviest burden, received more than 5,300 outpatients and delivered emergent rescue for more than 60 critically ill patients. In addition, he also actively coordinated the work and life of all team members. Cui Yanchao and Hou Haitao, Physicians from Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Cai Yun, Physician from Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine continued to work in extremely hot workplaces where the air conditioners broke down throughout the whole year. Guo Chenguang, Physician from Department of Medical Imaging, was always ready to conduct imaging examination of the countless patients in a timely manner. Li Xiaojun, Physician from Department of Thoracic Surgery expressed that ‘As a Chinese, I have a sense of pride in Sudan. I hope to continually improve my medical technology’. Wang Wei, Engineer from the Office of State-owned Property Management, was not only responsible for the maintenance and guarantee of medical and living equipment in the capital of Sudan, but also reached the remote sites as far as 550 km from the capital. ‘I'm the youngest one in the team, so I have the most energy to work’ has become his famous saying.

All 8 members described that ‘the local Sudanese are short of medicine and the medical conditions are extremely poor. However, we are highly proud of their reliance and trust upon the Chinese medical team. We are not only proud of being able to put what we learned into practice, but also proud of a powerful motherland behind us’.

Vice President Liu Qingguang warmly welcomed the returning of all team members with honor and expected them to restore energy to move forward. On behalf of the hospital, President Shi Bingyin was grateful for completing the mission and showcasing the positive image of our hospital to Sudanese. He hoped that all team members can have a good rest, adjust their physical and mental conditions and continually contribute to the construction of our hospital.



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