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Two CAR-T cell therapy clinical research projects representing international advanced level were launched in our hospital

Updated: Nov 17, 2017
Edited by: Liu HT

On November 14, 2017, the launch conference for two T cell immunotherapy clinical research projects, i.e. “A clinical research to evaluate the safety and efficacy of ET1402L1-CAR-T cell to advanced liver cancer” and “A clinical research on the safety and efficacy of anti-CD19 ARTEMIS (ET190L1-ARTEMIS) T cell therapy CD19+ to refractory and relapsed B cell tumor”, representing international advanced level was successfully held in the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University.

President Shi Bingyin gave a speech on the launch conference, required the researchers to carry out research in strict accordance with the research plans, and encouraged all clinical research workers to cooperate with each other and unite in concerted efforts.

CAR-T cell immunotherapy has a much higher remission rate to hematologic tumor than traditional drugs, and it is a hotspot for current international medical research. However, there are many challenges for its wide application in clinic, one of which is the Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS) induced by the therapy. Therefore, at present, only a few first-class cancer centers in the United States can perform the CAR-T cell therapy, which is hard to be applied widely. Eureka Therapeutics has developed an autoimmune cell ET190L1-ARTEMIS with D19 as the target by combining its self-developed fully human anti-CD19 monoclonal antibody and unique ARTEMIS technical platform, and it reduces the level of cell factor obviously and reduces the occurrence of CRS effectively by comparing with traditional CD19-CART under the condition of same antitumor efficacy. This technology is a leading technology in the world.

ET1402L1-CAR T-cell is the first CAR-T technology that focuses on the intracellular antigen AFP/HLA-A02 in the world. The preclinical data has been published in high-level academic journals and conferences, which shows this therapy has safe, efficient and enduring antitumor efficacy.

For the two research projects launched this time, the main ARTEMIS and CAR-T technologies are provided by Eureka Therapeutics, funded by Eureka (Beijing) Therapeutics Co., Ltd. and Aeon Therapeutics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. respectively, sponsored by the Department of Hematology and Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery, and promoted by Shaanxi Antibody and Cell Immunotherapy Engineering Research Center and Clinical Research Center established by our hospital, whereby the entire process was strongly supported by the hospital leaders. These two international first-class projects will be bound to expedite the industry-university-research development of Shaanxi Antibody and Cell Immunotherapy Engineering Research Center.

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