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"Clinical Research Project of New CART Cell Therapy for Hematologic Neoplasms” was launched in our hospital

Updated: Aug 6, 2018
From: Hematology Department
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In the afternoon of July 19, 2018, the Hematology Department held a kickoff meeting for clinical research project of new CART cell therapy.

The meeting was presided over by He Pengcheng, Deputy Director of Hematology. In the opening remarks, Deputy Director He Pengcheng said that the Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell therapy (CART cell therapy), the most popular therapy in the field of tumor immunotherapy at present, had a particularly significant curative effect in hematological malignances. As a major project of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University in cooperation with Eureka Therapeutics Inc., the Prospective Clinical Research on Structure-optimized ET019002-T cell therapy of Refractory/Relapsed B Lymphocytic Malignant Tumor will be carried out in our hospital. The animal experiment and human experiment in early stage had showed the effectiveness and safety of ET019002-T cell therapy of malignant B lymphocyte tumors. Liu Haibo, attending physician of Hematology Department, reported the detailed plan of this research project and illustrated the typical case that the Hematology Department had successfully cured a patient with advanced acute leukemia by making use of the new CART cell therapy.

The participants put forward valuable suggestions on specific details, risk avoidance, management and quality control during the research implementation process. They hope that it can implement this clinical research project of cooperation at hospital level smoothly and yield high-quality research results, thus improving the tumor immunotherapy level of our hospital and bringing benefits to more tumor patients.

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