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Tumor MDT Alliance of Shaanxi Province is officially established

Updated: Apr 1, 2021
From: Department of Neurology
Edited by: Liu Huiting

On March 28, the inaugural conference of Tumor MDT Alliance of Shaanxi Province was held in Xi 'an, which initiated the establishment of the provincial tumor MDT Alliance in China.

On February 27, the evaluation meeting of National Digestive Tumor MDT Pilot Centerin conjunction with the inaugural conference of China Tumor MDT Alliance were held in Beijing. To further promote the MDT diagnosis and treatment mode and achieve the glorious goal of Healthy China, the project team invited prestigious experts with outstanding influence in the fields of tumor prevention and treatment, clinical practice and scientific research in MDT diagnosis and treatment from different provinces as the leaders of provincial-level tumor MDT alliance. The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi 'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) has been granted as one of the first batch of provincial-level member affiliations of China Tumor MDT Alliance, and has been authorized as the leading affiliation of Tumor MDT Alliance of Shaanxi Province. Professor Li Enxiao from Department of Oncology of our hospital has been appointed as the leading expert of Tumor MDT Alliance of Shaanxi Province. Through multi-level academic exchange and cooperation within Shaanxi province, a joint mode of tumor MDT alliance can be established to strengthen cooperation and platform building among hospitals at different levels, achieve resource sharing and jointly accelerate the standardized promotion of tumor MDT in "Healthy China 2030".

During the conference, Wang Fei, Minister of Department of Resource Management of Hospital Administration Bureau of National Health Commission delivered an online speech and interpreted the national MDT policy. Liu Na, Deputy Director of Hospital Administration Bureau of Health Commission of Shaanxi Province, delivered a speech, stressing that under the guidance of Healthy China 2030, the First Affiliated Hospital of XJTU should take the responsibility of the leader in Shaanxi province to lead and promote the standardization of tumor MDT. Liu Qingguang, Vice President of our hospital, delivered a speech highlighting that we should deliver standardized and rational MDT diagnosis and treatment to provide qualified service, strive to improve the clinical efficacy and enhance the quality of life of cancer patients. Multiple measures, such as coordination among different-level hospitals, multi-dimensional academic exchanges and sharing medical resources with grassroots hospitals, should be implemented to enhance the diagnosis and treatment level of malignant tumors in Shaanxi province. Professor Lu Ming, Secretary-General ofChina Tumor MDT Alliance, delivered a speech, stressing the significant value of tumor MDT for precise treatment of tumors and effective improvement of survival rate. Tian Ying reviewed the MDT work in our hospital. Professor Li Enxiao introduced the work plan of Tumor MDT Alliance of Shaanxi Province.

At the inaugural conference, all representatives from the first-batch member affiliations of Tumor MDT Alliance of Shaanxi Province were invited to sign the agreement with Professor Li Enxiao.

In the academic presentation session, Professor Xiao Juxiang, host of this session, emphasized the importance of the whole-process management strategy for patients with advanced gastric cancer through the practice of MDT member affiliations. Professor Wu Yinying was invited to deliver a presentation entitled Whole-process management strategy for patients with advanced gastric cancer.

The MDTs from General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University, Baoji Central Hospital, Shaanxi Sengong Hospital and Yan 'an University Affiliated Hospital were invited to deliver exchange in the clinical MDT cases.

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