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Director He Jinguo from Finance Department of National Health Commission leads a team to deliver an inspection in FAH

Updated: Apr 1, 2024
From: Publicity Department
Edited by: Liu Huiting

On the morning of March 28, 2024, He Jinguo, Director of Finance Department of National Health Commission and Director of Rural Revitalization Office, Guo Hongtao, Director of Center for Project Fund Supervision and Management, and Ren Xiyue, Deputy Director of Finance Department and Deputy Director of Rural Revitalization Office made an inspection for the economic management work in the First Affiliated Hospital (FAH) of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU). Peng Fei, Deputy Director of Health Comission of Shaanxi Province, Xu Lining, Director of Finance Department, Ma Xinge, Party Secretary of FAH, and Zhang Lin, Chief Accountant of FAH accompanied the inspection. Gai Xiaohong, Assistant-to-President of FAH and Director of Performance Appraisal Office/Department of Operation Management of Tertiary Public Hospitals, and heads of relevant administrative departments attended the meeting.

Director He Jinguo and his colleagues visited Surgery Building, Outpatient Building, planning project site of Cardiovascular Disease, Building and Biobank, etc., investigated the construction and development of FAH, focusing on medical and health service capabilities, the construction of National Medical Center, and health services and health environment for key populations.

At the meeting, Party Secretary Ma Xinge extended a warm welcome to Director He Jinguo and his colleagues, and delivered a speech.

Chief Accountant Zhang Lin made an explicit report on the economic operation management, budget management, financial supervision, implementation of internal control, use and management of large medical equipment and follow-up work planning.

Deputy Director Peng Fei stressed that Health Comission of Shaanxi Province persistently promotes in-depth development of health and wellness career, implements the strategy of "integrating health into all policies", drives the construction of healthy villages, continually strengthens the responsibility of medical and health workers at all levels, actively overcomes difficulties and challenges, faciliates the implementation of key tasks as a whole, and persistently deepens the reform of medical and health system.

Director He Jinguo highly recognized FAH’s experience and achievements accumulated in high-quality development. He stressed that hospitals should play an exemplary role in health economic management, emphasize the economic relationship with value management as the core, give full play to the supporting role of economic management, and properly handle the economic relationship between hospitals, and the government, medical insurance departments, suppliers and employees. At the same time, hospitals should continually strengthen the operation management with the integration of operation and finance as the main line, insist on optimizing the income management with process management as the starting point, highlight budget management oriented to improving quality and efficiency, and strengthen the accounting supervision with daily supervision as the norm.

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