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Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Updated: May 14, 2018
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Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University was established in 1958, and has become a comprehensive department integrating medical treatment, teaching, researching, nursing and health protection with 50 years of development. By inheriting the essence of traditional medical science and combining modern medical science and technology, the department has forged with effort the “five specialties” advantage of “special department, special disease, specialists, special technology and special medicine”, and stuck to the thinking mode and holistic view of relying mainly on TCM and combining both TCM and western medicine. It is now the National Key Special Department of TCM Clinic for Geriatric Disease, the Model Unit for TCM Work in National Comprehensive Hospital, the Key Special (Disease) Department of TCM for Cerebropathy in Shaanxi Province and the Awarding Unit for Clinical Master Degree in Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine in Xi’an Jiaotong University.

The department now has 1 doctoral supervisor and 5 master supervisors from the Apprentice System of China Academy of Chinese Medical Science, 6 staff with senior professional titles, 2 post-doctors, 2 doctors, 4 doctoral students6 masters, 1 distinguished veteran herbalist doctor in Shaanxi, each from the 5th and 6th batch of instructors on the inheritance of the academic experience from national distinguished veteran TCM experts, 3 instructors on the inheritance of the academic experience from distinguished veteran TCM experts in Shaanxi Province, and 4 famous herbalist doctors in Shaanxi Province.

With several decades of in-depth clinical and experiment research, the department has acquired rich experiences in treating cardia- & cerebral-vascular disease, diabetes, tumor, nephropathy, spleen and stomach disease, aplastic anemia, colitis, angiitis, and gynecology, and formed special systematic diagnosis and treatment method and developed many effective prescriptions as well. In recent years, the department has vigorously promoted that research and development should serve the clinic and improved the curative effect of the clinic and many experts with relevant specialties have emerged accordingly.

The TCM outpatient service has TCM specialist clinics for geriatric disease (cerebral vascular disease, vertigo, diabetes), spleen and stomach disease, tumor, and nephropathy etc., as well as 1 studio of distinguished veteran herbalist doctor and 4 studios of distinguished herbalist doctors, to carry out effective TCM treatment and treatment by integrated Chinese and western medicines on refractory diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and common diseases. The annual outpatients amount reaches 30,000 person-time. In the TCM inpatient area, 30 beds have been arranged and many diagnosis and treatment equipment includingelectric stimulation instrument for nerve system, special therapeutic apparatus by electromagnetic wave (TDP), electric stimulation instrument of medium frequency, have been installed. Besides, some featured TCM treatment such as acupuncture therapy, acupoint application therapy, cupping therapy, acupoint blocking, moxibustion and TCM enema etc. have been carried out here, and treatment rooms for specific TCM treatment have been prepared, too. Over the years, the department has carried out many new treatment projects and accumulated an abundance of clinic experiences.

The service tenet of “focusing on patient” will always be carried out in the department and you will always receive satisfying service here.

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