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Professor David Ginsburg, member of National Academy of Sciences, came for lecture and visit

Updated: Dec 13, 2017
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In the afternoon of November 10, 2016, Professor David Ginsburg, member of National Academy of Sciences, and his party visited the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University for academic exchange and visit. Professor David Ginsburg is the distinguished professor of Life Science Institute of University of Michigan with James V. Neel(prize). The main direction of his researches is molecular neuropathology and molecular genetics mechanism of diseases related to coagulation mechanism. He cloned the virulence gene of von Willebrand disease (VWD) and identified a series of related gene mutations (GALGT2 and ADAMTS13) and subtypes. With about 200 papers published in journals such as Cell, Nature Genetics, Nat Cell Biol, Blood, JCI and PNAS, he is of profound scientific attainments in blood diseases.

Professor Zhang Mei, Director of the Hematology Department hosted the academic lecture and gave a speech. She, on behalf of the Hematology Department, extended cordial welcome to the visit of Professor David Ginsburg and introduced the researches and achievements of Professor Ginsburg to the audience. The title of the lecture made by Professor David Ginsburg was “Genetics of Thrombosis: From Mice to Humans”. He provided unique viewpoints for the selection and design of experimental animal models and wonderful exposition to the relationship between diseases and gene alterations of common genetics blood diseases such asVWD and Hemophilia A. All physicians, postgraduates, students and experimenters of Hematology Department attended the wonderful lecture of Professor Ginsburg. They asked questions one after another and the discussion was very ardent. Before the academic lecture, Ma Xiancang, Vice President, on behalf of the hospital, issued the engagement letter of visiting professor to Professor David Ginsburg.

After the lecture, Professor David Ginsburg visited the laboratory, ward, transplantation ward of Hematology Department and marrow room, cell separation room and treatment roomof Hematology Outpatient. He highly praised the work of Hematology Department. Then he visited hemophilia center of Hematology Outpatient specially. He also asked diagnosis, treatment, prevention and follow-up visit of hemophilia and VWD in our hospital. Director Zhang Mei explained them respectively and expressed her wishes for cooperation between Hematology Department and the team of Professor Ginsburg to carry out experimental inspection item and clinical researches of coagulation diseases especially thrombus and prethrombotic state. Director Zhang Mei also presented Professor Ginsburgan exquisite introduction book about Shaanxi Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Hemophilia and Information Management Center.

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