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System of Emergency Green Channel

Updated: Nov 28, 2017
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1. Connotation of Emergency Green Channel: In order to secure timely, precise and efficient emergency treatment for patients with acute, critical and severe illness, the Emergency Department provides a green channel for life safety, i.e. the Emergency Green Channel, for any patient with acute, critical and severe illness to get first-time treatment, examination and admission with relevant medical formalities handled later based on facts.

2. Scope of Emergency Green Channel: All the patients with acute, critical and severe illness who are unstable in vital signs or anticipated to have life-threatening conditions, such as acute myocardial infarction, acute stroke, severe trauma, cardiac failure, respiratory failure, severe traumatic cerebral injury, etc. (including the patients needing emergency treatment who are without an identity, aresponsible person or the ability to pay).

3. The emergency treatment passages in the Emergency Department are kept clear and arranged with eye-catching signs.

4. The Emergency Department has 24-hour triage staff members who are always ready at the department gate for accepting the patients with acute, critical and severe illness. Nurses on duty promptly prepare the required equipment and the alternative medicine for emergency treatment.

5. Doctors and nurses on duty in the Emergency Department must stick to their posts and remain ready for emergency treatment. The first-treatment responsibility system is implemented and the hospital emergency consultation must arrive within 10 minutes.

6. Any significant emergency treatment must be reported to the department head, and also to the Medical Department if it is in the daytime or to the general on duty in the nighttime. When necessary, the first-aid team members should be organized by the Medical Department or directly by the head of the Emergency Department for consultation and emergency treatment, to realize multi-discipline united treatment for patients with difficult, critical and severe illness. The head and the nurse in charge of the Emergency Department should be on call to organize and coordinate emergency treatment.

7. Relevant departments should first handle the prescription, various application forms for auxiliary examinations and admission certificates for patients treated via the green channel.

8. Payment will be after medicine taking, examination and admission in hospital. For the patients who are without anidentity, are sponsible person or the ability to pay, the signature or authorization of the department head or the Medical Department (the general on duty) should be obtained.

9. For patients treated via the green channel, the physician on duty must timely inform their relatives of the condition and change as respect for their right to know and send any notice of severe or critical condition based on the facts to them for their written signature.

10. The medical records of emergency treatment should be completed and kept well by relevant medical staff according to facts.

11. Medical and other relevant staff in the Emergency Department must spare no effort for treating the patients with acute, critical and severe illness without shirking responsibilities or delaying the treatment for any reason.

12. Attachment: Process of Emergency “Green Channel”

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