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Under the risk of being infected, two Chinese physicians bathed in blood and feces finally let out a sigh of relief

Updated: Nov 30, 2018
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In the Abu Osher Hospital, under the risk of being infected, Li Xiaoquan, Professor of Neonatology Department, and Hu Jian, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, successfully rescued a puerpera at breech position and helped both the newborn and the puerpera escape danger.

On the morning of November 17, the former Sudan Abush Hospital received a predelivery puerpera, whose cervix was almost opened, and one foot of the newborn was visible. However, the fetal heart was only 90 times/min., and the fetus was under severe oxygen depletion. It was too late to conduct cesarean section operation. Professor Hu made a prompt decision to help the puerpera deliver the baby through breech extraction successfully. Just as Professor Li expected, the newborn suffered from afterbirth asphyxia due to severe oxygen deletion. The situation was critical at that time. Although they might suffer from contamination and damage caused by meconium and blood in the condition which there was no radiation stage, sputum aspirator, suction tube, laryngoscope and trachea cannula as well as free of protection of isolation gown, they cleaned the baby’s respiratory tract with a 40 cm of plastic pipe cut from infusion apparatus, and conducted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and external chest compression. With a loud and clear cry of baby, the newborn was successfully recovered. Chinese physicians made both the newborn and the puerpera escape the danger with their skills and love.They demonstrated the standard operation of “omphalotomy” to the nurses present, which won the full affirmation and appreciation of Sudan medical care personnel.

Medical assistance to Africa still has a long way to go.The 34th Chinese medical assistance team set up a bridge of friendship between China and Africa with their practical actions.

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