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Experts of Medical Team in our hospital sent to Sudan came back with honor

Updated: Nov 15, 2017
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On November 8, 2017, Wen Jian, an Associate Chief Physician of Anesthesia Department, Li Ruichun, an Associate Chief Physician of Neurosurgery Department, and Li Shang’an, an Attending Physician of Ultrasonic Department of our hospital came back with honor after finishing 2-year medical aid mission as expert members of the 32nd Medical Team of Shaanxi Province sent to Sudan.

Of the above three team members, the Attending Physician Li Shang’an from Ultrasonic Department had performed over 9,000 cases of various ultrasonic examinations, and trained dozens of Sudan's doctors cumulatively. The Associate Chief Physician Li Ruichun from Neurosurgery Department had received more than 1,100 outpatients and performed 48 cases of surgeries. The Associate Chief Physician Wen Jian from Anesthesia Department had accomplished more than 1,800 cases of anesthesia for various surgeries, including over 500 emergency operations, and been involved in rescuing more than 30 critically ill cases cumulatively; he made statements at Sudanese academic conferences twice, implemented a number of new technologies and was widely praised by local medical workers and patients.

Over the past two years, they had brought the advanced diagnosis and treatment technologies and concepts of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University to the Sudanese people. They had made their efforts to build the bridge of friendship between China and Sudan by giving full play to their medical and technological advantages to further benefit the Sudanese people.

Since the first batch of foreign aid medical team sent in 1971 according to the state’s unified arrangement, up to now, our hospital has dispatched 32 batches and 118 people to Sudan, and 1 person to Cameroon and Vanuatu respectively. Since 2008, our hospital has dispatched 2 batches and 3 people to Malawi as foreign aid medical teams. Our hospital will, inheriting the patient-centered service concept and taking the hospital's social responsibility and public's health benefits as the core of medical service, continue to deepen the reform, keep pace with the times and take the initiative to innovate and act to help construct a healthy China and serve the general public in terms of health.

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