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Our hospital holds ‘International Exchange Meeting on Prevention and Control of COVID-19 (Belgium session) ’

Updated: Apr 30, 2020
Edited by: Liu Huiting

On the afternoon of April 29, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) hosted the ‘Hand in Hand, Fighting against COVID-19International Exchange Meeting on Prevention and Control of COVID-19 (Belgium session)’, which was presided over by She Junjun, Assistant-to-President of our hospital. Zhu Bo, Deputy Director of Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Chen Wei, Director of Clinical Laboratory, Sun Lianqing, Deputy Director of Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chen Yunchun, Deputy Director of Department of Psychiatry, Ye Feng, Deputy Director of Department of Infectious Diseases and Ren Hui, Deputy Director of International Exchange Office, shared experience in the fight against COVID-19, delivered medical science popularization and resolved questions and concerns via video conference with Cao Zhongming, Ambassador of Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium, Du Jinzhu, Director of Consular Section of Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium, employees of Chinese-funded enterprises in Belgium, Chinese medical workers, Chinese compatriots and representatives of overseas students.

Cao Zhongming delivered a speech. Zhang Weihong, a public health professor from Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences from Ghent University in Belgium, introduced the current epidemic situation in Belgium and shared epidemiology-related knowledge. He Rongxin, a doctoral exchange student from XJTU in Belgium, briefly introduced the current pandemic situation in Belgium. Zhu Bo, leader of the 1st-batch medical team of Shaanxi province to Wuhan, shared valuable front-line experience in fighting against COVID-19 from three perspectives of organizing team, docking work and reconstructing regulation, and implementing rescue work. Chen Wei delivered an in-depth interpretation of the laboratory tests of COVID-19. Sun Lianqing discussed how to prevent and control COVID-19 through self-protection measures based on the concept of ‘preventive treatment of disease’ in traditional Chinese medicine. Chen Yunchun proposed five measures against COVID-19 including ‘trust, prevention, regular daily life, adjustment and assistance’ to provide guidance on psychological protection for the public during the outbreak of COVID-19. Ye Feng introduced the symptoms, differential diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 in combination with his professional expertise and front-line experience. Bao Shihao and Wang Zhongbin, Chinese physicians from Anti-COVID-19 Service Team in Belgium also shared their experience in the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19.

Subsequently, all participants delivered immediate consultation and exchange regarding multiples issues of common concerns, such as the immunization prospects of COVID-19 vaccine, infectivity of COVID-19, dosage and usage of drug therapy, the role of traditional Chinese medicine, self-protection knowledge for overseas enterprises, institutions and individuals, and daily health care,etc.

Ambassador Cao Zhongming expresses that the video meeting is practical, fruitful, well-targeted and effective. He thanks medical experts from our hospital for their professional guidance and enthusiasm in helping compatriots. He is looking forward to having video meeting with our hospital next time and firmly believes that all of us will work together hand in hand to finally defeat the pandemic.

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