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Professor Liu Jun elected as Chairman of the 4th Committee of Chinese Society of Digital Medicine of Chinese Medical Association

Updated: Nov 15, 2023
From: Department of Science and Technology, Department of Radiology
Edited by: Liu Huiting

Recently, the general election meeting in conjunction with the first meeting of the 4th Committee of Chinese Society of Digital Medicine of Chinese Medical Association were held in Beijing. Professor Liu Jun, national disciplinary leader in digital medicine from Department of Radiology of the First Affiliated Hospital (FAH) of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU), was elected as the Chairman of the 4th Committee of Chinese Society of Digital Medicine of Chinese Medical Association.

This honor obtained by Department of Radiology represents significant achievement of strategic layout of “strengthening the quality of medical engineering” by XJTU and the FAH of XJTU. It not only reflects the support and recognition from Chinese Medical Association and national digital medical community for the development of digital medicine in Shaanxi province, but also showcases academic influence of XJTU and the FAH in China.

As the newly-elected Chairman, Professor Liu Jun stressed that we should conscientiously study and implement the policies and regulations of the Communist Party and the country, strictly abide by the rules and regulations of Chinese Medical Association, and spare no effort to complete the organizational construction and academic exchanges, deliver proper planning of academic annual meeting, learn from valuable experience from other academic societies, and innovate and reform the mode of holding the academic annual meeting, aiming to promote diverse development within the academic society. Digital medicine is an advanced field in medicine. To properly complete digital transformation of universal medical care, digital medical teaching and research, digital intelligent prevention, digital intelligent medical care, digital intelligent therapy and digital intelligent health, it is necessary to unite all members of national committees, members of digital medicine societies in all provinces and cities, along with colleagues engaged in the industry, education and research of digital medicine to make joint efforts and strive for progress in the new era and new situation, creating new glory of digital medicine in China!

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