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The 6th International Conference of Magnetic Surgery and Life Science kicks off

Updated: Jun 13, 2023
From: Department of Publicity
Edited by: Liu Huiting

On June 9, the 6th International Conference of Magnetic Surgery and Life Science, which was co-hosted by XJTU Health Science Center and Shaanxi Society of Medical Communication and co-organized by the First Affiliated Hospital (FAH) of XJTU and National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Precision Surgery and Regenerative Medicine, was held in Xi 'an both in-person and online. Wang Shuguo, President of XJTU, Lyu Yi, Vice President of XJTU and President of FAH, Fang Jiancheng from Beihang University, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other guests were invited to attend the opening ceremony, which was chaired by Chen Teng, Party Secretary of XJTU Health Science Center.

On behalf of XJTU, President Wang Shuguo congratulated the opening of this conference. Academician Fang Jiancheng attended and introduced extensive application of extremely weak magnetism in the field of aerospace and illustrated the background of zero magnetic medicine.

Professor Bradley Nelson, Member of Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW), delivered a congratulatory video stressing that magnetic surgery has huge potential in surgery and will bring significant impact on surgery in the future. This conference will showcase the frontier achievements of magnetic surgery, and experts and scholars will conduct enlightening discussions on the fields related to magnetic surgery, aiming to promote subsequent development of magnetic surgery.

Targeting clinical needs, disciplinary frontiers and innovative practice, this conference focuses on cutting-edge advancement of minimally invasive interventional medicine, research and development of magnetic materials, biological effect of magnetic fields, and application and extended application of magnetic surgery technology. Academician Chen Xiaoping, Academician Dong Jiahong, Academician Fang Jiancheng, Academician Gu Ning, Academician Guan Xiaohong, Professor Michael R Harrison, Academician Jiang Zhuangde, Academician Li Zhaoshen, Academician Liu Changsheng, Academician Liu Yunyi, Professor Quentin Pankhurst, Academician Shen Baogen, Academician Sun Jun, Academician Wang Qiuliang and Academician Zhao Hongwei served as Honorary Chairman. Lyu Yi and Bradley Nelson served as Chairman. Global guests engaged in the research of magnetic surgery gathered to unravel the core of magnetic surgery research from basic science to clinical application.

This conference consists of 11 sessions, covering magnet-assisted minimally invasive surgical technology, magnet-assisted endoscopic and catheterization technology, magnetic field and physiology and diseases, clinical application of magnetic surgical technology, magnetic medical equipment research, engineering magnetism and medical application, magnetic materials research, magnetic nano-materials research and magnetic sensing and medicine, etc. Press meeting sessions were also organized. The unveiling ceremony of Key Laboratory of Magnetic Medicine of Shaanxi Province, the awarding ceremony of Director Affiliation of Silk Road Magnetic Medicine Alliance, and the journal launching meeting of Magnetism and Medicine were held, respectively.

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