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Wang Chen, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, invited to make a special report

Updated: Jan 11, 2016
Edited by: Liu HT

On the morning of 10th, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Wang Chen made fascinating academic report on the invitation of our hospital. The report meeting was chaired by Vice President Wang Maode and was attended by nearly 200 staff, including department directors and deputy directors, researchers, and part of presidents from cooperative hospitals.

In April, 2015, Academician Wang Chen was honored as specially-appointed professor of our hospital. His report, titled “Four-wheel Driven, Build Classic College Type Hospital”, was made around “what college type hospital is”, how to build “classic college type hospital”, mission of college type hospital, and what it takes to make great achievements. Academician Wang Chen emphasized that college type hospital should be built with cultivation, gathering talents, and improving development as its core feature, with respecting and carrying forward humanitarian and scientific spirit, protecting life and health as its mission, and driven by the elements of “culture, discipline, management and talent” and possess internal mechanism to create and maintain their advancement. The integration of medical treatment, teaching, and scientific research shall be the key feature of college type hospital. It is hard to distinguish which one is the most important, but medical treatment is the core element of this integration.

The report made by Academician Wang Chen lets us know about the important role of humanistic quality and clinical research thinking playing in the medical practice and understand the connections among medical treatment, teaching, and scientific research. It provides a better academic platform for us to promote overall quality, perform academic communication and train talents.

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