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Layout and develop of Ward 5 of Jianyuan & International Medical Center

Updated: Aug 2, 2017
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Ward 5 of Jianyuan & International Medical Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University was founded in July 2017. It is a key foreign-related high-end medical service platform built by the hospital. With superior talents and technologies, as well as an advanced management concept, it focuses on integrating top medical and management resources, and brings together the best experts in the hospital to provide domestic and foreign high-end groups with quality, efficient and professional health management services, including health care, health examination, famous doctor consultation, hospitalization and green medical channel.

International Medical Center holds a total of 15 wards, which offer warm and cozy hotel services reflected in comfortable and convenient hardware environment, as well as the concept of serving patient’s individualized needs. It mainly serves inpatients subject to health examinations and medical patients, and provides services including cancer chemotherapy, preoperative preparation and postoperative rehabilitation. It also provides full-course companion and green channel for inspection and examination.

In the meantime, in order to meet the demands of patients with stubborn diseases, the Ward 5 of Jianyuan & International Medical Center would coordinate the experts and resources of the entire hospital, and implement multi-disciplinary team (MDT) consultation. According to patient's conditions, two or more specialized experts would be arranged to jointly study and provide a comprehensive and authoritative diagnosis and treatment scheme. In addition, the patients may designate the experts or we may recommend experts according to patient's conditions to make a consultation, and provide the individualized diagnosis and treatment.

Within nearly a month after the opening of the International Medical Center, more than ten patients have discharged from hospital, involving those with diabetes, urinary calculus, digestive system disease, and peripheral vascular disease, as well as those accepting preoperative preparation and postoperative rehabilitation of surgical operation. All patients gave us good feedback on medical care quality when they discharged, which further encouraged us to step forward.

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