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                                                 Introduction of Clinical Research Center

The Clinical Research Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University was set up formally in September 2014. It runs independently and aims to provide a variety of services for the clinical research of the whole hospital, including management, data management and statistical consultation, to build and maintain the clinical research database, and to serve as a service platform of organizing and conducting clinical research related training and academic exchange.

The Clinical Research Center currently has an independent running office. It has formed a reasonable and complete professional team with personnel allocation such as Director and Deputy Director of Clinical Research Center, statistical expert, epidemiologist, scientific research personnel and administrative manager. The Clinical Research Center aims to develop into a comprehensive resource management platform, providing one-stop service for clinical researches, serving the in-hospital clinical research projects and welcoming exchange and cooperation with regards to out-of-hospital clinical research projects as well. Its main responsibilities include supervision, service, coordination and training, and it is capable of providing relevant training (RCT, cohort study, case-control study, cross-sectional study and meta-analysis) and technical support (project design guidance, problems solution of implementation process, statistical analysis of results and graph edition, and article writing guidance) for the clinical researches of all departments in the hospital, and providing data management platform (REDCap) and big data processing platform support for the whole hospital. The Clinical Research Center also organizes academic lectures and knowledge training, holds clinical research workshops and organizes clinical research expert seminars frequently to serve the clinical research work of the whole hospital.

The Clinical Research Center provides services such as project funding, project approval, project implementation and quality control for the hospital’s clinical research projects by establishing a hospital fund for general and major clinical research projects. This aims to appropriately support the young clinical researchers, especially outstanding clinical research teams.

The Center will well play the role of leading, integration, mobilization and popularization. We will undertake the tasks of building in-hospital public platform, cultivating professional talents, optimizing management mechanism, building collaborative network, organizing and conducting research, promoting commercialization and application, strengthening grassroots capacity and so on to become the main research force of the hospital in optimizing, organizing and implementing clinical research on relevant diseases, and in commercializing the medical development results, and to become the hospital’s important promotion platform for research upgrade and results application.

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