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Neonatology Department

Updated: Nov 26, 2019
Edited by: Liu Huiting

Neonatology Department is the earliest and large-scale department with advanced technologies in the western China. It is currently a Key Clinical Specialty of Shaanxi Province, Critical Neonatal Transport Center of Shaanxi Province, and National Training Base for Perinatal Neonatologists. The department has employed 50 neonatal doctors and nurses, 5 doctors with overseas educational background and 3 doctoral supervisors. It is the neonatology department with the largest number of doctoral supervisors in northwest China. The department has accumulated abundant experience in neonatal respiratory therapy, such as mechanical ventilation combined with lung function monitoring, lung ultrasound and bedside chest radiography, which can minimize neonatal lung injury and rescue the neonates with respiratory failure induced by various causes with high success rate. The department has successfully treated a premature infant at a gestational age of 23 weeks assessed by B-mode ultrasound.

Bedside brain ultrasound, video electroencephalogram and amplitude integrated electroencephalogram are the most suitable bedside brain function monitoring tools for critically ill newborns. The department is the first to carry out these two technologies in Shaanxi Province, which integrate nervous system examination and treatment, evaluation of clinical prognosis and dynamic follow-up for critically ill neonates.

The department takes the lead in Shaanxi Province in launching automated exchange transfusion treatment, which is proven to be safe, rapid and effective. Over the past decade, the department has successfully applied this technology to rescue multiple newborns with severe jaundice.

The department cooperates with Department of General Surgery, Anesthesia Department and other departments to perform neonate/infant surgeries. For instance, it collaborates with Department of Ophthalmology to deliver bilateral intrabulbar injection of ranibizumab to treat retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), the first case in Shaanxi Province. It cooperates with Department of Cardiovascular Surgery to perform cardiac surgery for premature infants with ultra-low birth weight. In addition, it joins hands with Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery to carry out perioperative treatment of liver transplantation for small infants,etc.

The department is equipped with a complete set of facilities for newborn transport warm box and respiratory support during transport, which operates on a 24/7 basis. The transport network covers Shaanxi Province and adjacent provinces.

The professional nursing team can perform routine PICC catheterization, umbilical and radial artery blood pressure measurement and support care for premature infant development,etc. The nursing team has won many awards in nursing skill competitions.

The unique advantages and talent cultivation of advantageous disciplines of our hospital, such as Department of Obstetrics, Intensive Care Unit and other Key Clinical Disciplines of National Health Commission, as well as the specialized disciplines including Clinical Laboratory, Department of Medical Imaging, Department of Pediatrics and Department of Ophthalmology provide strong support for Neonatology Department.

The department is specially equipped with Neonatal Emergent Transport System to assist adjacent hospitals to deliver emergency training for critically ill newborns. It actively dispatches the mobile NICU to the affected neonates admitted to surrounding local hospitals. It also cooperates with Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology to carry out "intrauterine transport" for high-risk pregnant women, which significantly improves the success rate of rescue for critically ill newborns and receives widespread trust and approval from other hospitals in Shaanxi Province.

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