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Department of Stomatology

Updated: May 19, 2020
Edited by: Liu Huiting

Department of Stomatology is a master’s degree-conferring site for Clinical Medicine, which is a comprehensive professional discipline integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. It is composed of clinical professional groups of stomatology, oral surgery, dental repair, dental implantation and orthodontics and dental cleaning center. The department currently has 27 comprehensive treatment chairs, equipped with advanced instruments and devices, such as digital dental X-ray and curved surface tomography, cone beam CT (CBCT), oral water laser therapeutic instrument, ultrasonic osteotome, root canal microscope, digital dental repair manufacturing device, cleaning, disinfection, high-pressure pre-vacuum sterilization equipment, light curing machine, root length locator, root canal preparation machine, hot gum-filling system, periodontal electronic probe,etc.

At present, the department employs 7 physicians with associate senior titles or above, 5 attending physicians, 3 doctoral and 9 master candidates. The department undertakes the teaching tasks for 7-year, 5-year and overseas students and the training of students from Shaanxi Province and neighboring provinces. It has published nearly 100 academic papers in international and Chinese core academic journals, edited more than 10 medical monographs and textbooks, and undertaken over 20 scientific research projects at the national, provincial, municipal and university levels.

Department of Stomatology has accumulated abundant clinical experience in the treatment of common oral diseases, frequent-onset diseases and difficult and complicated diseases, such as dental pulp diseases, periapical diseases, periodontal diseases, mucosal diseases, dental defects, dentition loss, uneven tooth arrangement, occlusal disorder, maxillofacial injury, deformity and tumor,etc. It is capable of conducting modern root canal therapy, periodontal surgery, porcelain veneer beautification, inlay full crown repair, tooth whitening, tooth implantation, autogenous tooth implantation, removable denture repair, fixed denture repair, complete denture repair, orthodontic treatment of various malocclusion deformities in children and adults, which has achieved satisfactory clinical therapeutic effects and obtained high recognition from patients.

The department has arranged expert outpatient every day and set up VIP Clinic to serve patients with special needs. To meet the needs of the vast number of patients, the department also offers medical service on Saturday.

All staff in Department of Stomatology has made arduous efforts and contributions to relieve patients with dental diseases and ensure medical safety and quality with a fresh look, pioneering spirit, scientific and realistic attitude, standardized and expertise skills and enthusiasm. In recent years, the department has significantly improved the department environment and delivered equipment upgrading to strengthen medical advantages and serve more patients.

Tel: 029-85324156

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