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Cardiovascular Surgery Department

Updated: Mar 5, 2019
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Cardiovascular Surgery Department (formerly Cardiothoracic Surgery Department), founded in 1956 when the hospital was established, is one of the earliest institute in China fulfilling heart, pericardium, and arterial duct related surgeries. Over half of the century, the Department has taken great efforts to make to the top fields and be able to perform most of the advanced surgeries, including minimally invasive cardiac surgeries, Da Vinci assisted cardiac surgery, complete arterial coronary artery bypass, macrovascular related surgeries, and heart transplantation.

There are 82 medical staff in the Department, including 10 senior specialists. There are 54 regular beds, 6 severe beds, 16 intensive care beds, and 2 operating rooms. This Department consists of surgical group, CBP group, ICU group, nursing group and blood gas analysis group. During the last few years, we have registered 14 national invention patents, and won 5 national and provincial nature science foundations, 9 key projects of Shaanxi science and technology, 6 key projects of Xi’an science and technology, 7 Shaanxi Educational Science and Technology Progress Awards, 12 Shaanxi Science and Technology Progress Awards. Over 500 academic papers are published, 6 monographs are compiled as editor-in-chief, and 10 monographs as co-editor. We have 2 State Council Special Allowance receiver, 1 Oriental Award winner, 1 Advanced Individual of Yuncheng Health System winner, and 1 Shanxi May lst Labor Medal winner.

Cardiovascular Department, as a legit station for doctorial and master degree grant, has been supplying a large number of outstanding talents for the country and is one of the top units for suburban support ever since. Technical guidance has been provided for over 20 hospitals, including Zhang Ye Shi Zhong Xin Yi Yuan, Hospital of JISCO, Xi'an Central Hospital, Xi'an Children's Hospital, Xianyang 521Hospital, Ankang Central Hospital, Yuncheng Central Hospital of Shanxi, etc. As the earliest intensive care unit in the hospital, the Department has the best medical techniques and serving quality.

Cardiovascular Department employees will always insist the high standard for serving all the patients.

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