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Blood Transfusion Department

Updated: Nov 12, 2018
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The history of the Blood Transfusion Department of First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University can be traced back to the beginning of 1980 when it was separated from Clinical Laboratory and became a Blood Bank, and then its name was officially changed to “Blood Transfusion Department” (the Department) in 2001. In the past three decades, it has emerged as a comprehensive and influential medical department integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research in Northwest China.

The Department employs 17 staff, including one with senior title, three with intermediate title and 13 with junior title. Among them there is one staff with PHD degree, two with master degree, 11 with bachelor degree, and three with junior college degree. In recent years, the Department has gradually formed a reasonable structure of talent based on the standards of quality hospital issued by National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China’s. It has employed technical professionals specialized in clinical care, blood transfusion inspection and nursing etc., ensuring the implementation of various work related to clinical blood transfusion.

The Department now covers an area of over 180 m2, including 120 m2for laboratory and 60 m2for official and living quarters. This department takes possession of numerous advanced instruments and equipment, including Johnson & Johnson’s full-automatic blood type and matching analyzer, thrombelastographer, the freezer especially for blood, blood platelet concussion device and frozen plasma thawing device.

As a department dedicated to the blood usage of all clinical departments and inspection of immu-serological items related to blood transfusion, its service scope includes: management of blood for clinical use, clinical blood supply, autologous transfusion, ABO blood grouping (group typing and reverse typing), Rh blood grouping, screening of irregular antibody, cross-matching of blood, antenatal antibody titer determination, detection of hemolytic disease of the newborn, antibody screening and matching of blood platelet and detection of thrombelastogram.

At present, the total annual consumption of blood of the First Affiliate Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University exceeds 7 million mL, ranking the first among the local hospitals in Shaanxi Province. The Department acts as a pioneer in the detection of thrombelastogram and Rh antigen congruence blood transfusion technique to increase the rationality of clinical blood transfusion and ensure the safety of blood transfusion. Meanwhile, it has established the indoor quality control standard and operation process of blood transfusion compatibility, which has been applied to many hospitals of prefecture level. It also has realized the hospital-wide coverage of blood informatization, and established the assessment and evaluation network system of clinical transfusion as well as the on-line feedback system of adverse effects of blood transfusion.

The Department is also responsible for the clinical practice and teaching of undergraduates and students under normalized training, establishing the training plan of physicians for blood transfusion. It holds the annual provincial academic conference on blood transfusion, and helps to develop over ten thousands of technical personnel of blood transfusion. The Department is the director unit of Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion (CSBT), the standing member unit of Clinical Blood Transfusion Committee of CSBT, the member unit of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the deputy director unit of Blood Transfusion Branch of Chinese Medical Association (CMA) Shaanxi Branch, the member unit of Body Fluid, Blood and other branches of CMA as well as the director unit of Clinical Blood Transfusion Committee of Shaanxi Blood Transfusion Association.

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