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Nephrology Department

Updated: Nov 15, 2017
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The Nephrology Specialty of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong Universityis the earliest nephrology specialty in the Northwest China, the most powerful nephrologyspecialty integrating medicine, education and research in the Northwest China, a key discipline of nephrology in Shaanxi Province, chair unit of Shaanxi Province Medical Association Nephrology Branch, Shaanxi Blood Purification Quality Control Center, one of the first peritoneal dialysis standardized training bases approved by the Ministry of Health, and Shaanxi Kidney Transplantation Quality Control Center. With services covering more than ten provinces and regions in the Northwest, the Southwest and the Central China, it has emerged as an important nephrology specialty in the Northwest region and China at large, and possesses a professional talent training base integrating medicine,scientific research and teaching. At present, there are up to 173 professionals, including 45 physicians, 122 nurses, 6 health workers, among which professionals with senior titles account for 17.3% and those with intermediate titles account for 40.5%. This department has 140 sickbeds to accommodate an annual obvious increase in hospitalized patients and outpatients compared with the previous ones. Every year, there are nearly 5,000 person discharged from the hospital, and the outpatients are up to 100,000 person. The characteristic technologies mainly include nephrologypathology and establishment of hemodialysis vascular access. Nephrology Specialty is the earliest to carry out renal puncture biopsy pathological examination in the Northwest China, and nearly ten thousand cases have been completed up to now. In 1993, the Nephrology Specialty of our hospital was the first to carry out temporary hemodialysis central vein catheterization in the Northwest China, thus making many patients with end-stage renal diseases get rid of the miseries from direct arterial puncture as well as possibility of causing hemangioma complications. It was the first to carry out artificial blood vessel internal fistulasurgery in the Northwest China in 1999, and had established a long-term vascular access for patients failing to doautologousor artificial blood vesselarteriovenous internal fistula due to their own bad blood vessel conditions. What's more, it acted as pioneer in performing perpetual internal jugular vein catheterization surgery in the Northwest China in 2001, and took the lead in implementing peritoneal dialysis treatment in the Northwest China and established aperitoneal dialysiscenter in 2001, which is the largest peritoneal dialysis center in the Northwest China as well as a large-scale center and one of national peritoneal dialysis catheterization training bases in China with 658 long-term surviving patients atpresent. It was awarded National Peritoneal Dialysis Standardized Training Demonstration Center in 2011. The Nephrology Specialty began to carry out kidney transplantation at an early time in China while being the earliest in the Northwest China, and up to December 31, 2016, total 4,480 cases of kidney transplantations have been completed. Among them, the surviving patients have survived 31 years for the longest. While improving clinical treatment, the discipline lays emphasis on scientific research development. In recent years, totally 13 new medical treatment technologies have been carried out, 20 scientific research funds have been approved of, more than60 articles have been published, including 26 in SCI, and great progress has been made in organ transplantation. Kidney transplantation technique won Second Prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in 2013 and 2016. Recognized as an Excellent Normalized Training Department, the discipline undertakes teaching of five-year, seven-year, eight-year and overseas students as well as PBL teaching and normalized training teaching, and has trained nearly one hundred postgraduate students and doctoral students.

Contact number: 029-85323950;

Clinic address: East Side of Floor 2 of Outpatient Building

Inpatient Department address: Floor 1, 3 and 4 of the East 1st Building and Floor 17 of the Inpatient Building

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