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Name:Guo Xuan

Department:Department of Clinical Laboratory

Professional title:Professor, Chief Technologist

Focus area:Clinical laboratory diagnostics and study on molecular diagnosis of clinical biochemistry, immunity and tumor.

General information

Professor Guo has been engaged in the clinical biochemistry, immunoassay and teaching for many years, especially for the study on clinical biochemistry, special biochemical technology and large biochemical analyzers. She has lectured on biochemistry and immunology at hospitals of all levels and participated in tendering of related professional instruments of hospitals at all levels for many times. She also launched a number of new medical and new technology awards of hospitals, delivered speeches at national and provincial academic conferences for many times, and won the Outstanding Paper Award for three times. Moreover, she has obtained two national patents for invention.


Professional memberships

Reviewer  Journal of Modern Laboratory Medicine

Academic and scientific achievements

1) Jing Peng, Asmitananda Thakur, Shuo Zhang, Yuanfeng Dong, Xiaoqin Wang, Ruili Yuan, Kaige Zhang, Xuan Guo. Expressions of miR-181a and miR-20a in RPMI8226 cell lineand their potential as biomarkers for multiple myeloma. Tumor Biology [J]. 2015;36(11):8545-52.

2) Xiaoqin Wang, Xiaoyan Zeng, Bo Yang, Shan Zhao, Wei Chen, Xuan Guo. Efficacy of thymosin α1 and interferon α for the treatment of severe acute pancreatitis in a rat model. Molecular Medicine Reports [J]. 2015; 12(5):6775-81.

3) Xuan Guo, Mmingwei Chen, Li Ding, Shan Zhao, Yuefei Wang, Qinjong Kang and Yi Liu. Application of Cox model in coagulation function in patients with primary liver cancer. Hepato-Gastroenterology [J]. 2011; 58(106):326-330.

4) Wang G, GuoX(Corresponding Author), FanG, Wang LC. The study of correlative factors to resistin and its regression equation in type 2 diabetes. ACAD J XJTU 2008;20(2):95-99.

Professor Guo has published more than 40 papers in the SCI and core journals as the first author (corresponding author).

She has hosted the 2016 Shaanxi International Science and Technology Cooperation and Exchange Program miR-181a Research Mechanism for Regulating the Growth and Inhibition of Multiple Myeloma Cells, hosted the Shaanxi Science and Technology Research Project Research on miRNA Molecular Markers of Multiple Myeloma (Approval No. 2014K11-01-02-03) in 2014, and hosted Shaanxi Science and Technology Research Project Clinical Application of Electrochemiluminescence Detection of Tumor Markers (Approval No. 2009K01-78) and Xi’an Science and Technology Plan Project Application of a New Sensitive Detection Method in Early Diagnosis of Tumors (Approval No. SF09024-(1)) in 2009. She also got an application-oriented national patent: A Trachea Cannula with Its Pressure Monitorable (Certificate No. 2645605), certified by National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC, in 2013.


Awards and honors

"Study on the changes of lung cancer hormone levels and receptors and its clinical significance" won Shaanxi Science and Technology Third Prize in 2003.

Second Prize of Paper of the 2010 Laboratory Medicine Annual Meeting of Shaanxi Province Medical Association.


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