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Our hospital’s video connection with Zambian counterparts is broadcast in “COVID-19 Frontline” of CGTN

Updated: Jun 25, 2020
From: Publicity Department
Edited by: Liu Huiting

At present, China has achieved significant strategic outcomes in the prevention and control of COVID-19. More importantly, China has accumulated effective and successful experience during the early response to sudden outbreak of the pandemic. Under the backdrop of normalized COVID-19 prevention and control, China has gradually resumed the work and industry in a comprehensive and efficient manner. At 8 p.m. of June 19, medical experts from the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi 'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) shared their experience on the normalized pandemic prevention and control as well as work, industry and schooling resumption with Zambian counterparts via video conferencing at the invitation of “COVID-19 Frontline” program broadcast by CGTN.

Shi Bingyin, President of the First Affiliated Hospital XJTU, She Junjun, Assistant-to-President of our hospital, Yuan Shouqi, Director of National Research Center of Pumps, Deputy Director of Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, Deputy Director of Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery and Chairman of Irrigation and Drainage Machinery Branch and Secretary of Party Committee of Jiangsu University held video conferencing with Liao Zibin, General Manager of Zambia-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka, President of Zambian Society of Economy, Mr Chabuka Jerome Kawesha, President of Zambian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kondwani Mkochi Mutelekesha, Assistant-to-Director of Planning Department of Zambian Ministry of Higher Education, Professor Stephen Simukanga, Director of Zambian Higher Education Administration of Zambian Ministry of Higher Education and former President of University of Zambia, Dr. Sande Ngalande, Director of Joint Research Center for Belt and Road Initiative of University of Zambia and Dr. Isaac Ngulube, Public Health Expert of Zambian Ministry of Health for exchange and experience sharing. The video conference was hosted by Zou Yun from the program of "COVID-19 Frontline" of CGTN.

During the exchange conference, Zambian counterparts raised a series of questions on how to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene standards for the work resumption, how to minimize the impact of the pandemic upon enterprise economy, how to attract Chinese enterprises to settle down in Zambia-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, work resumption of medical institutions, development of agricultural economy, and what measures the Zambian government should take to promote the stable growth of manufacturing industry,etc.

Chinese experts shared hand-on experiences and delivered detailed explanations upon relevant policies issued by the Chinese government for enterprises to resume work and manufacturing, establishment of national big-data management, supervision guidelines for enterprises to resume work and manufacturing, development of e-commerce economy, local economy and construction of logistics system in Africa, employment issue in Zambia, establishment of African Continental Economic Cooperation Zone, relevant policies for hospitals to restore medical orders, promotion of agricultural mechanization, income increase and other specific measures.

President Shi Bingyin emphatically shared relevant experience of accelerating the restoration of medical order and scientifically promoted the resumption of labor and industry by taking the advantages of the industry after the pandemic prevention and control shifted from an emergent state to a normalized state. Besides, he added that we still have tremendous work to accomplish in the process of resuming labor, manufacturing and schooling. We must work steadily and firmly and push forward in an orderly manner to achieve the overall triumph over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assistant-to-President She Junjun gave a brief explanation and exchange on how to carry out international anti-pandemic activities in the post-pandemic era.

Zambian experts expressed their sincere gratitude to the Chinese experts from our hospital for sharing their valuable experience, which is of great value and significance to the resumption of labor, manufacturing and class in Zambia. Meantime, they hoped to continually strengthen bilateral exchange and experience sharing on the pandemic situation and related work, and join hands to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

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