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Vice President Han Jianfeng leads a team to visit Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital

Updated: Mar 5, 2024
From: Medical Department
Edited by: Liu Huiting

On February 29, 2024, a 12-member team from the First Affiliated Hospital (FAH) of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) led by Vice President Han Jianfeng, Assistant-to-President Wang Zheng, office heads of Medical Department and Medical Insurance Office paid a 1-day visit to Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital for medical quality management, patient admission service and DRG medical insurance settlement, etc. Huang Xin, Executive Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, and heads of relevant departments attended the reception events. This visit and exchange was carried out in the patterns of centralized discussion, on-site inquiry and special lectures, etc.

In the morning, the 12-member team from the FAH paid a field visit to Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital. Executive Deputy Secretary Huang Xin chaired the welcoming ceremony and introduced the management system, medical operation concept and current development status of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital. Shen Jing, Assistant-to-Director of Quality Control Office of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, gave a presentation entitled “Improvement of hospital quality management driven by performance appraisal in public hospitals”. Xu Yulian, Director of Admission Preparation Center, delivered a speech entitled "Innovative practice of intensive management of patient-centered ward resources", illustrating the refined management of medical quality and the ward management practice of “ward sharing among all departments”. Subsequently, the team of FAH visited the Outpatient Hall and Admission Preparation Center, and conducted face-to-face communication and exchanges with heads of different departments.

In the afternoon, Vice President Han Jianfeng chaired the meeting of discussion and study on high-quality development, change and empowerment in hospitals. Assistant-to-President Wang Zheng delivered a speech entitled “Taking advantage of two-center construction, Driving high-quality hospital development”, introducing the basic profile, practice of discipline construction, National Regional Medical Center construction and National Medical Center construction of FAH. Dai Sheng, Director of Medical Department of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, gave a speech entitled “Refined medical management promotes high-quality hospital development” and explicitly illustrated the responsibility system of attending physicians, the management of target diseases and the management of patients hospitalized for more than 30 days in Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital. Director Ni Zhiying shared the experience of DRGs management in Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital in a speech with the title of "Expense management and discipline development under the background of DRGs payment". Director Ye Jinming introduced the practice of information construction in Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital guided by the principles of "top-level design, urgency first, step-by-step implementation and sustainable development". Bilateral sides conducted on-site exchanges.

Vice President Han Jianfeng hoped that heads of the accompanying departments can reflect on how to learn from the experience of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, form our own experience, and implement it into the practice of medical management of FAH, aiming to contribute to the construction of National Medical Center and high-quality development of FAH.

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